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De Hollandse Pot
Here you will find some of the traditional Dutch dishes, which you can prepare when you have "a dinner by candlelight in Dutch style", or just when you want to make something Dutch.

We "Hollanders" as we are mostly called in the States (in England the call us "the Dutch") are great lovers of nice food. And we like to prepare these tasty dishes from the best ingredients. We like to eat them at home in company of our family or friends, seated at a well-set table, covered in the Dutch way with tablecloth of white or colored linen, under a big lamp fixed in the middle of the ceiling of our dining room.

Our traditional dishes are mostly based on rather nourishing ingredients, but as you probably know we take only one hot meal a day. The first and the second meal are sandwich-meals. In the recipes I give the amount 4 Dutch persons would eat. Maybe the amount you would use would be different; that is up to you to decide. There are of course exceptions, because certain dishes or certain baked goods must be made as in the given recipe and I have given you recipes of dishes which are within the scope of the average housewife/man and made of ingredients you can get at home.

May I give you a suggestion when to make one or more of the following recipes? When you ask your friends to a "do" after coming back from your trip to Europe, or at a church-social, in aid of some good purpose, or when entertaining "Hollanders". They will be delighted with your charming idea, or at so many other occasions, as you will know best.

It has been great fun to make this site. It is always so nice to know that visitors to my country are interested in our "Dutch Fare". I which you "good cooking" and much fun preparing these typical dishes of the Netherlands. And to my countrymen and women: I hope you will enjoy these typical Dutch dishes, maybe you will adjust them to your own liking: "As mother used to make it".


Resource: De Hollandse Pot. And if you have suggestions, please mail De Hollandse Pot!


 The recipes of De Hollandse Pot

Entree or lunch dishes
Meat and casseroles
Hot puddings
Dessert puddings
Cakes and cookies




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